Implantology and Dental Restoration

Supplier of the most versatile dental implant system of Spanish origin and a referential company at an international level in the sector of implantology and oral restoration.

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Regenerative medicine

An international reference in Regenerative Medicine thanks to its intensive research work into Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. As a result of this work BTI has developed Endoret® (PRGF®) technology.

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A leader in implantology and oral restoration

BTI is today one of the key international companies in the field of implantology and oral restoration thanks to its constant commitment to innovation. A fundamental part of BTI is the design and manufacture of dental implants, prosthetic components and surgical instruments.

BTI's implant system is one of the most versatile on the market, an implant system that adapts to the patient, not the other way around, as it offers an extremely wide range of solutions tailored to each need, so that dental professionals can approach their treatments with the utmost confidence and predictability.

Higher predictability

BTI's entire philosophy is based on biological concepts whose clinical benefits have the patient very much in mind. All our research is focused on developing minimally invasive, predictable techniques that reduce and even eliminate the undesired effects or discomfort that can be caused by certain interventions on the patient. In a word, this philosophy leads to a more personalised and less invasive treatment.

More versatility

The dental practitioners that use the BTI System emphasise its surgical and prosthetic versatility as one of its standout features, as it allows them to work more effectively and safely.

The user knows that regardless of the problem and the degree of difficulty of a surgery, BTI offers a complete range of products that adapt to many clinical situations thanks to a wide variety of titanium implants of different diameters and lengths, specially designed to be surgically implanted in the maxillary or mandibular bone.

The system also includes prosthetic elements to be coupled to the implants, and auxiliary elements for surgical and prosthetic procedures. This versatility facilitates the planning of the surgical procedures and reduces the appearance of unforeseen events.

BTI SCAN 3®: Our implant system adapts to each patient’s mouth

BTI has developed the BTI Scan diagnosis tool, software that allows us to digitise and visualise the CT scans of patients, facilitating the planning of implant surgeries. Parallel to this BTI aims to improve the surface and design of implants, to study and optimise the biomechanical behaviour as well as evaluating efficiency and safety both in the pre-clinic stage and during treatment, with the sole aim of improving biosafety and predictability and therefore therapeutic success when using dental implants bioactivated with Endoret®.


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Regeretive Medicine

Regenerative medicine aims to use our body's own resources to regenerate tissues and recover damaged functions.

In this product line BTI has been a world pioneer in developing the first technology described in scientific literature to obtain 100% autologous (from the patient him- or herself) plasma rich in growth factors.

Due to the excellent results in treatment a large number of public figures and elite sportsmen and women have turned to Endoret® technology with the aim of improved recovery in as little time as possible from either an injury or surgery.

What is Endoret®(PRGF®) technology?

It is a biomedical technology patented by BTI which, from a minimal volume of the patient's blood, allows the isolation and concentration of growth factors and other proteins responsible for the reparation and regeneration of tissue to be used in treatment. Through this, the application of Endoret® allows the repair process of tissue damaged during injury to be stimulated, speeded up and improved.

Growth factors are proteins which carry out an essential role in tissue repair and regeneration processes as they set off the chain reaction of biological effects such as cell proliferation and differentiation, blood vessel generation (angiogenesis) and cell migration to areas where regeneration is required (chemotaxis). No exogenic agent can govern all these processes so effectively.

Endoret® is the most advanced autologous system for Platelet Rich Plasma and has been endorsed for both its efficiency in stimulating and accelerating tissue regeneration as well as for its biosafety, having been published in over a hundred scientific papers in specialised journals, and has been presented at hundreds of national and international congresses.

Therapeutic formulations

One of Endoret® technology's standout features is the possibility of obtaining up to 5 different formulations that are biocompatible based on the processing of the patient's own blood:

This great versatility increases the therapeutic possibilities of this biomedical technology and allows tailored clinical solutions.



Coagulant or “Scaffold”

Fibrin membrane




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A Spanish biomedicine and biotechnology multinational company with a presence in 25 countries.

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An international reference with a wide range of courses on offer on Oral Implantology and Regenerative Therapies.

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Research and innovation, BTI's DNA. Leaders in R&D&i with a translational vision.

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Our research and knowledge in clinical practice at the service of our patients.

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Who we are?

BTI Biotechnology Institute is a Spanish multinational company specialising in biomedicine and biotechnology whose activity focuses on two areas: regenerative medicine and oral implantology.

It was founded in 1999 by Dr. Eduardo Anitua, the company's president and scientific director. Thanks to the company's scientific coherence, stability and consolidation over the past 15 years, BTI has become one of the leading companies in implantology and oral restoration, developing an implant system which is renowned throughout the world for its quality, innovation and versatility, as well as being an international scientific benchmark for the application of regenerative therapies.

Our working method is based on patients' needs, by finding solutions for those needs through research carried out following rigorous scientific methods, and endorsed by the publication of its results in the most important international scientific journals.

Scientific leader in tissue regeneration

BTI has a clear vocation for research and is considered throughout the world as a benchmark in regenerative medicine due to the development undertaken and patents held in Endoret®(PRGF®) technology with plasma rich in growth factors in different fields of medicine, from oral surgery to specialities such as traumatology, rheumatology, dermatology, ophthalmology, sports medicine, cardiac, thoracic, plastic and cosmetic surgery among others.

The quality and thoroughness of BTI's research in regenerative therapy is endorsed by the publication of more than 200 papers in prestigious international scientific journals, such as Trends in Biotechnology, Journal of Controlled Release, Progress in Polymer Science and Arthroscopy amongst others.

BTI: commitment to quality

The search for excellence is a fundamental part of BTI's business philosophy and, for this reason, it makes an enormous effort to maintain high quality standards in its products and offer full guarantees for health professionals and patients.

All BTI's products undergo the strictest tests and inspections, allowing it to offer customers products whose effectiveness and safety is fully guaranteed, in compliance with the regulatory requirements set by the authorities in each and every one of the countries in which it is present.


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BTI and scientific disclosure

All R&D work entails a significant part dedicated to disclosure. For this reason, as well as driving scientific advances, BTI aims to disclose knowledge acquired via the various distribution channels.

As proof of the desire for disclosure, BTI showcases its intense research activities through the publication of scientific papers in the world's most prestigious and important journals, with an average of thirty papers published each year as well as books and papers with further disclosure.

BTI is firmly committed to and unconditionally supports the creation of multidisciplinary fora that facilitate the communication, sharing and exchange of knowledge among professionals. Through all of this, as well as actively participating in international congresses with multiple medical associations, BTI annually organises BTI Days, a series of scientific workshops which share the company's new scientific advances and technologies in the areas of oral implantology and regenerative medicine.

BTI training: sharing knowledge

Training is one of BTI's basic pillars and for this reason it dedicates a great deal of its resources to a wide range of courses and workshops that include ongoing training programmes, monographic courses, stays, workshops and symposia.

To help with this there is a Training and Postgraduate Centre at our facilities in Vitoria, which has become established as a benchmark centre for oral implantology and regenerative therapies due to its state of the art medical and audiovisual technology.

The training team is made up of highly experienced professionals both in practice and in teaching, resulting in a multi-discipline group most suited to knowledge transfer.


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At BTI we are committed to Research, Development and Innovation to grow and stand out in the competitive biotechnological sector.

We should highlight the fact that research carried out has a clear transfer component, applying knowledge acquired in the laboratory to daily clinical practice, with the aim of improving patient care and quality of life. It is a pioneering company in this field, giving the concept of R&D&i a new meaning.

Research, development and innovation are carried out at BTI with a biological approach, which allows us to provide new tailored therapeutic solutions while at the same time developing new basic biological tools associated with the surgical processes and adapted to different medical fields.

BTI Research Centre

The Research Centre has facilities and infrastructures of the highest level, which allow work within the maximum standard quality boundaries.

Amongst these we can highlight the cell culture laboratory, a classified work area which ensures both safety and sterility of the cells cultivated. The laboratory also has a microscope area for histological studies, a proteomic area, a biobank, and area for research into electromedicine and an area dedicated to medical IT.

In the biological research laboratory multi-discipline basic experiments are carried out to develop the knowledge and arguments that sustain surgical innovation and regenerative therapies in different fields of medicine.

High scientific level

BTI currently employs more than 300 people in this set of activities which take place both nationally and internationally. It is a highly qualified multi-discipline team with some 50 researchers (biologists, doctors, engineers, biochemists, etc.).

At BTI's subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Portugal, all staff is local, which shows our high level of commitment to the countries where we are based and our commitment to our current expansion policy.


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Biotechnology at the service of people

We are a different company, a way of life, an entire philosophy based on the scientific method and in which people are the beginning and the end of our exciting project.

The quality of life of patients

At BTI we work under two premises: scientific research as a foundation to face the new challenges of modern medicine and an effort to always transfer the results of this research to medical practice with the aim of improving the quality of life of patients.

BTI has grown and evolved in many aspects, but has always stayed loyal to the original idea that defines it: the scientific and technological component, and the social and human component... biotechnology at the service of people.

Pioneering treatments, higly qualified professionals and personalised, close and humane attention are what enable us to offer a quality service and to achieve our main objective: the satisfaction of our patients with a job well done.


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