BTI CORE The most effective, profitable and flexible solution

The new line of conical implants BTI CORE resolves most of the clinical needs in a effictive, profitable and flexible way.

Its effectiveness and high predictability are given thanks to the long term clinically-proven technologies such as UnicCa Surface: Adhesive, antibacterial and platelet activating function and thanks to Bioblock technology, that ensures impenetrability and biological sealing. The best combination to prevent peri-implantitis.

A faster, more efficient osseointegration and optimised surgical protocol with less drills, allows to treat more patients, reducing the dental surgery usage time. Its unique prosthetic platform, clinically tested since 2010 makes it possible to substantially reduce your investment in prosthetic components, reducing errors in restorative process and facilitating an easier and faster prosthetic protocol. Minimum investment and maximum effectiveness.

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