Join the SQUARE prosthetic evolution

The perfect smile is the result of a series of successful prosthodontic decisions in terms of the design, techniques and fabrication materials of dental prostheses.

BTI helps you to create perfect smiles with the new line of Square aesthetic abutments, designed for single and multiple direct-to-implant fixed prostheses, both cemented and screw- retained. They can be used in digital and conventional elaboration processes.

With their characteristics - 4-point non-rotational base, bio transgingival profile, Ti Golden surface treatment - the Square line evolves the concept of abutment in prosthodontics, offering many biological, aesthetic and mechanical benefits to rehabilitations:

  • 4-point non-rotational base: maximises retention of the structure.
  • Bio transgingival profile: provides greater space for the soft tissue and, therefore, improves vascularisation.
  • Ti Golden Treatment: has greater compatibility with the gingival fibroblasts, improving the biological seal.

For single-unit rehabilitations at gingival level using Unit transepithelial abutments, BTI introduces 2 lines of Square interfaces: straight and expanded, both characterised by their non-rotational base and Ti Golden surface treatment, which enables work to be carried out with excellent passive fit and aesthetics to be resolved in case of angular divergences (up to 30º).

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