New system of diagnosis and treatment for sleep apnoea and snoring BTI APNiA

Sleep Apnoea and Hypopnoea Syndrome (SAHS) is a very common pathology (it affects 25% of the population) that entails a number of risks for health of the patients.

The APNiA® system is the only one on the market that allows diagnosis and subsequent treatment. It consists of an electronic device that performs the sleep study, diagnosis software and an intraoral device to treat to the patient.

Electronic Device APNiA®

APNiA® detects 5 different information channels while the patient is sleeping: respiratory flow, oximetry, heart rate, body position and snoring.

The device is comfortable and easy for the patient to put on at home, adjusting the nasal cannula and pulse oximeter on the index finger.

Diagnosis Software

The device software lets you know simply, reliably and fully automatically whether the pathology is present and its level of severity.

APNiA® Intraoral Device (DIA)

The APNiA® Intraoral Device (DIA) is a splint for both maxillae connected with tensors that prevent the retraction of the mandible, thus decreasing the number of apnoea episodes suffered by the patient.

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