Professional careers

At BTI we are aware that people are the key to our growth and to our success. We listen to your ideas and value your initiatives because our success depends on you.

At BTI we rely on 4 strategic pillars that support the search for excellence for our employees and our customers.


Innovation, creation and initiative

We act without fear, we take on new challenges, we look for solutions. We are basically a nonconformist company. We do not wait for the future to come to us, but rather create it ourselves.



We understand that the result of teamwork is greater than the sum of each individual's work.


Passion for our customers

We work with the aim of offering our customers the best solutions, that not only satisfy them, but surpass their expectations.


Positive attitude

We are a team of people who work with effort and excitement faced with a changing and demanding environment, encouraging a positive attitude, enthusiasm and participation.

If you want to join a constantly evolving project with many professional opportunities and where people are important, BTI is your company.

Employment offers

Date of offer Offer Town/city
21/01/2019 Responsabile Commerciale-Veneto Veneto

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