Socket Shield Technique - Partial Extraction Therapies & Endoret® (PRGF®) Graft

Socket Shield Technique - Partial Extraction Therapies & Endoret® (PRGF®) Graft: Keynote lines for predictable and biological results on immediate post extraction's implant therapy.

Date: Wednesday, April 26
Time: 18:00h United Kingdom / 19:00h Germany
Speakers: Bernardo Mira Corrêa & Filipe Lopes
Duration: 20 min
Language: English
Price: Free for BTI Customers
Training modality: Online Seminar

One of our major objectives in implant therapy, is to be able to preserve the original anatomy, on both hard and soft surrounding tissues, as tissue loss normally leads us to reduced aesthetics and less predictable results.

Combining socket shield technique with Endoret® Graft, on immediate post extraction implant placement, seems to be an effective way to maintain anatomy, minimising bone level's change after the bone remodelling period, and maximising the aesthetic outcome, due to adequate soft tissue's levels and contour.

The use of transepithelial abutments, seems to be a good option in obtaining a stable mucosal barrier, thus contributing to increase the durability of the achieved results.


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