Improved aesthetic finish changing the emergence angulation. The use of new anodised titanium screws, designed by BTI, allows angulation corrections of up to 15º with a preload similar to gold and improved aesthetics thank to their small 2 mm head.

On many occasions, the decision regarding whether the anchorage of the prosthesis will be screw-retained or cement-retained conditions the emergence of the screws, as this emergence has an enormous influence on the final aesthetics of our work.
The possibility that CAD/CAM technology offers us to change the angulations of the emergences to transfer them to a more favourable location allows us to use screw-retained prostheses in cases where their preparation would otherwise be very difficult. The change of angulation is possible thanks to the design of a screwdriver-screw set that allows us to insert the screw in the correct manner despite the inclination of the chimney.


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