FAQs BTI Scan® 3

  • Do I not have any cases to practice with beforehand?

    Once “BTI Scan® 3” has been installed (by default “C:\Program Files\BTI_SCAN”) a Demo folder within the installation path is created, where the example studies can be found.

    Likewise, there is a downloadable free demo version that allows you to practice and explore the functionalities of “BTI Scan® 3” available on BTI's website: Diagnosis BTI Scan 3 / Downloads

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  • How can I make safety copies?

    Inside the “BTI Scan® 3” folder (by default “C:\Program Files\BTI_SCAN”) there is a file called “Make_BackUp”. This small application takes care of making a safety copy of all the studies. By double-clicking the file, it will show the following screen, indicating that the safety copies will be made in the “Backup” folder, located in the path “C:\BTI_SCAN_BACKUP”.

    Preguntas Frecuentes 1

    A copy of the Filedata file in “C:\BTI_SCAN_DB” must also be made.

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  • How can I find out the IP address of my computer?

    To find out the IP address of your computer you must follow these steps:

    1. Click on Start on your computer and then on Run.

      Preguntas Frecuentes 2
    2. On the next screen write cmd and click on Accept:

      Preguntas Frecuentes 3
    3. A black screen like the one below will open:

      Preguntas Frecuentes 4
    4. In this window write the word ipconfig and press Enter. Once this is done your computer's IP address will be shown.

      Preguntas Frecuentes 5
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  • How can I know if I am the administrator of the computer and how can it be changed?

    1. Click on Start on your computer and then on “Control Panel”
    2. Choose the option “User Accounts”.
    3. This screen shows the existing users of the computer and the group they belong to.
    4. Make sure that the user with which the application will be installed and accessed is the system administrator. If it is not the case, you must select and apply permissions.
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  • Why does the error message “Insert the protection key” appear?

    The following error message:

    Preguntas Frecuentes 6

    Can appear when trying to run the program due to any of the following reasons:

    • The protection key is not inserted in a USB port of the client computer or the server. The program does not detect the licence manager and the application does not start. Insert the key and click on “Accept”.
    • If the key is correctly inserted, it may be in conflict with HASP keys of previous versions. Consult your delegate or technical service.
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  • Why does the error “Unable to connect to the database” appear?

    The error message “Unable to connect to the database” can appear when trying to run the program in a single-user or network installation due to any of the following reasons:


    Single-user installations: a Firewall is activated, preventing correct communication with the key. Disable the Firewall or add an exception in Port 5432 of the TCP protocol in the Firewall configuration menu to allow a correct installation and operation of the program. Consult your IT service.


    Network installations: the problem can be detected in the client computer or in the server.

    1. Server:
      • Check whether the “Filedata” folder is shared with all users with total control in the server. If it is not the case, proceed to share the folder as indicated in Section 4.1.2 “Network installation” point 6.
      • If the folder is being shared correctly the problem may be because there is a Firewall activated. Disable the firewall. If you do not wish to disable it, you can add an exception in Port 5432 of the TCP Protocol in the Firewall configuration menu that allows correct communication. Consult your IT service.
    2. Customer:
      • Check the state of the network connection and/or server access:
      • If it is correct, it is possible that during the installation on the server the “Filedata” folder has not been correctly shared. Verify it and proceed as indicated in the previous point “Server, 1”.
      • If all the above is correct, it is possible that read and/or write administrative privileges are missing in your system. Consult your IT service.
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  • Why can't I enter information on the study during the DICOM import?

    When importing DICOM images, the import wizard stops at the introduction screen of the “Study Information” because the “Next” button is disabled.

    Preguntas Frecuentes 8

    This is because there is a blank space in the first character of the “Name” and/or “Surname” fields. Write the name and surname/s correctly without leaving any blank spaces to the left of the text.

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  • The error message “Error while exploring DICOM directory” appears during import

    Preguntas Frecuentes 9

    This can be because the DICOM file you want to import contains in its description a non-recommended typographical character, such as an umlaut, exclamation points or punctuation marks (eg. Greek names, Ä, Ü,..). Revise the text entered and if necessary rename the file using standard English typographical characters.

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