How does it work?

The patient arrives at your clinic, and after an examination, they will be diagnosed with an absence of teeth or the need to replace existing ones.

With a scanner a series of axial sections are obtained which the radiologist stores on a CD-Rom that will be sent immediately to the dentist.

BTI Scan® reformats the axial sections to show three types of section per screen: axial, panoramic and sectional. Moreover, it allows you to carry out a much quicker, effective and precise analysis of the CT scan, helping to adequately plan the surgery and its long-term predictability.

BTI Scan® generates panoramic images that show the mandibular foramen, making it possible to draw its trajectory, (which can be seen in the panoramic section and in the sectional views) and observe any dental pathology the patient may have.

BTI Scan® allows you to simulate the placement of the implants, being able to define the length, diameter, angulation and distance between implants and teeth with greater ease. It offers your patients confidence. The 3D simulation and virtualisation of BTI Scan® will allow them to feel much safer with the operation.

The dentist can print out a final report of the planning, adding their own notes and recommendations for the surgery. With BTI Scan® the chances of success with surgery increase considerably.


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