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Technical specifications of BTI Implants

The BTI implant

BTI offers a complete range of products that adapt to many clinical situations thanks to a wide variety of titanium implants of several diameters and lengths, specially designed to be surgically implanted in the maxillary or mandibular bone.

The system also includes prosthetic elements to be coupled to the implants, and auxiliary elements for surgical and prosthetic procedures.

This versatility facilitates the planning of the surgical procedures and reduces the appearance of unforeseen events.



Transporter with depth marks and with the reproduction of the connection on the same, to control its positioning.



Two connections: Interna (tetra-lobed with no sharp edges with a good load distribution) and External (hexagonal with different lateral and height measurements depending on the platform, in accordance with the biomechanical requirements). Three different platform diameters with a wide range of prosthetic components, which enable all types of prosthodontic restorations.



Evolution is UnicCa®

The surface of the new range of BTI implants is chemically modified with calcium ions. The calcium ion has decisive functions in all of the biological processes of bone regeneration. In addition, the surface is adapted to the different tissues in contact with the implant to promote and accelerate osseointegration.

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There are two possible apexes for BTI implants:


1. A conventional tapered apex with great advance/drive capacity, large osseointegration surface and little compression.


2. A cylindrical apex with a lower advance/drive capacity adapted to obtain good initial stability without compression in anatomical areas where significant injury to structures is possible (maxillar sinus and dental nerve). Designed for extra-short implants.



A tamper-proof plastic package that retains its leak-tight seal, endurance and sterility; suitable for the new UnicCa® surface.

On the inside it comes with a plastic pincer which retains the implant and cover screw.


BTI Dental Implants

BTI Dental implants are made with pure titanium (Ti 99%) according to the regulations for Implantology: ISO 5832-2 and ASTM F67, and whose biological properties have been evaluated according to ISO 10993 and ISO 7405 standards. The BTI system of implants offers a wide range of titanium implants of different sizes both in width and length, especially designed and developed to be surgically implanted into alveolar and/or basal bone of the mandible or maxilla to provide support and a means of retention for a dental prosthesis.

Clean Implants

BTI UnicCa® is the first implant system in the market awarded with the CleanImplant Foundation Mark, as a guarantee of the highest quality of its materials and surface.

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