UnicCa® Surface


The surface of the new range of UnicCa® implants by bti is chemically modified with calcium ions.

The calcium ion fulfils decisive functions during all the biological processes of bone regeneration.


What are the results of UnicCa® surface?

UnicCa® is electropositive, clean and superhydrophilic.
It immediately initiates the regenerative process.

Improves periimplant bone stability
Reduces implants failure.

Minimizes bacterial adhesion
The attenuated roughness in the coronal area along with the use of Endoret® (PRGF®) significantly reduces the bacterial colonization (in vitro study).

Stimulates osteogenic activity
Bone forming cells synthetize significantly, resulting in a greater extracellular matrix (in vivo and in vitro studies).

Osteogenic: Induces the formation of bone tissue
Accelerates and improves osseointegration (in vivo studies).

UnicCa® has a different roughness in each area of the implant o optimise adaptation to different tissues and to achieve greater osseointegration




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