BTI Implant Surface

UnicCa® Surface


The surface of the new range of UnicCa® implants by bti is chemically modified with calcium ions.

The calcium ion fulfils decisive functions during all the biological processes of bone regeneration.


Adhesive and platelet-activating
Reduces regeneration times

Induces the formation of bone tissue

Provides instant stability

Significantly minimises the risk of peri-implantitis

Electropositive, clean and active
Maintains the superhydrophillic properties

Triple Roughness
Optimise the adaptation to different tissues to achieve greater osseointegration

The enormous procoagulant capacity of the UnicCa® surface provides instant stability.

UnicCa® has a different roughness in each area of the implant o optimise adaptation to different tissues and to achieve greater osseointegration.




Optima® Surface

The Optima® surface of BTI implants differs depending on the area of the implant:: neck, crest or valleys because through the implementation site there are:

  • Different tissues involved.
  • Different bone densities.
  • Different cells and biomolecules.
  • Different biomechanical requirements.

The Optima® surface adapts to this complexity to trigger the best response on the surrounding tissues, achieving greater control over osseointegration and lower risk of periimplantitis.


Attenuated roughness óptima for:
· Maintenance and growth of the marginal tissues.
· Avoidance of the risk of bacterial colonisation and periimplantitis.



Roughness and porosity óptima for:
· Increasing the initial stability.
· Improving osseointegration.



Medium roughness óptima for:
· Guiding the bone growth between the threads.
· Maintaining the mechanical properties of the implant.


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