Transitional Expander Implants

Expander implants are for achieving an increase in bone volume in areas with a bone deficit..

Implantes Expansores 1

With the same principle as the expanders, they are placed in the residual crest bone, with a square head screwdriver, but they are left inside it remaining buried during the weeks necessary to achieve adequate growth around them. They are later removed to allow the placement of the definitive implants, on which the prosthesis will be attached and which will now find the necessary bone support, nonexistent before the expansion.

Available in three lengths: 6.5mm, 8.5mm and 11.5mm and two diameters: 2.5mm and 3.0mm. They have a specific surface treatment that increases bone apposition, but different to that carried out on definitive implants, making de-osseointegration easier. The implant platform has the same dimensions as its body, to avoid bone loss and dehiscence of soft tissue during the osseointegration period.

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