The BTI Process

Our surgical-prosthetic philosophy is based on a series of pillars, which independently bring big advantages with respect to other systems, and by using them in combination we obtain a synergy of advantages throughout the whole process:


BTI Biotechnology Institute has developed BTI Scan 3 software as a computer-aided digitisation and visualisation application to facilitate the planning of dental implant surgery.


Biological Drilling at low speed without irrigation is a technique developed by BTI that facilitates the collection of bone at the moment the alveolus is prepared to insert an implant; in this way a large amount can be obtained to be used as an autograft.


BTI offers its customers two connections for interaction with the implant: Interna® and Externa®. BTI's internal connection is developed in such a way that allows an adequate distribution of loads and facilitates the placement of prosthodontic components.


The features of BTI's implants place it as one of the most complete and versatile in the market thanks to its apex with exceptional advance/drive capacity, multiple prosthodontic platforms and dimensions, offering solutions for any surgical-prosthetic problem in a very simple way.


The combination of the nanorough surface of BTI implants with Endoret® (prgf®) achieves shorter osseointegration periods than with standard treatments. Obtaining with this combination improved apposition and bone quality.


BTI has all kinds of prosthetic accessories, for both cementing and screwing: titanium and gold abutments, ceramisable and UCLA abutments, in addition to BioPilar®, which is a new vision geared towards the long-term stabilisation of hard and soft tissues for long-lasting aesthetics. In addition, with Multi-Im transepithelial abutments, complex solutions in screw-retained prostheses can be applied.


BTI presents exclusive solutions for different problems in severely resorbed maxillae: Tiny implants for very narrow crest bones and short implants for problems related to height.


At BTI we are committed to providing comprehensive and high quality training to achieve the best learning and awareness of the latest techniques, disciplines and knowledge that enable specialists and their auxiliary staff to achieve the highest levels of excellence in their professional activity.


All the advances made in R&D at BTI are immediately clinically tested, receiving feedback from the patient and the specialist so that the R&D department can modify it until the product required by the market is obtained.


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