NEW BTI APNIA - a simplified and efficient system for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnoea and snoring

The new BTI Apnia electronic device, due to its design and functionality, tops the list of the most simplified respiratory polygraphs on the market, making it possible to carry out the sleep test at home without the supervision of technical staff. Additionally, it allows professionals to automatically interpret the results using the associated BTI Apnia software.

This device detects 7 different information channels while the patient is sleeping: oximetry, heart rate, snoring, body position, respiratory rate, respiratory flow and respiratory effort, which allow the different types of sleep apnoea to be identified.

The Apnia intraoral device, integral part of the BTI Apnia system, is the therapeutic solution for cases of mild and moderate obstructive sleep apnoeas. It consists of a splint for both maxillae connected by resistant tensors that prevent the retraction and/or enable the gradual advancement of the mandible, thus decreasing the number of apnoea episodes suffered by the patient.

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