What is Endoret®(prgf®) technology?

Endoret®(prgf®) (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) Technology: It is an advanced autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma system. It is based on the activation of the patient's own platelets for the stimulation and acceleration of tissue healing and regeneration.

Experience and research

Pioneers in this technique and with the highest number of publications on the applications of plasma rich in growth factors in regenerative medicine.


We have all the obligatory health certifications for each one of the applications of Endoret®(prgf®)

Product Versatility

It is the product in the market with the highest number of formulations, to adapt to any clinical situation.

Fields of medicine

Our product is currently being successfully applied in many medical fields, and will soon be applied to new fields.


A direct relationship between the clinic and the research team to develop new solutions.


Comprehensive and personalised training with the best professionals in Endoret®(prgf®) technology and its different applications.

What advantages does Endoret®(prgf®) offer?

  • 100% biocompatible, versatile and safe.
  • It is the market's first 100% autologous technology.
  • Control over its activation and use.
  • A simple protocol: just one centrifugation.
  • A fast protocol: just 8 minutes of centrifugation and 20 minutes of preparation..
  • Its clinical efficiency in the stimulation of tissue healing and regeneration has been described in a large number of international articles.
  • It does not contain leucocytes, avoiding their proinflammatory activity.
  • Powerful bacteriostatic properties.
  • Excellent therapeutic potential in different clinical applications.

What sets Endoret®(prgf®) Technology apart from other technologies in the market?

  • It is a pioneer (Patent no EP1066838) in the development of specific protocols for tissue regeneration.
  • It is backed by a large number of international scientific studies and publications.
  • It is a versatile system that makes it possible to create different formulations that adapt to the characteristics of each application.
  • Excellent efficiency of the volume of blood extracted with this system.

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