Experience and Research

Endoret®(prgf®) technology is a pioneer at a global level in the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in clinics.

Equipo de Investigación

Over 15 years of research and experience in its different clinical applications attest to our knowledge concerning this technology.

We are the company with the most scientific publications (over 80) on PRPs for clinical applications in regenerative medicine in the world.

Thanks to the company's research work and to the medical contributions that this has brought, today BTI is regarded as a global scientific reference in regenerative medicine through the use of Endoret®(prgf®) in different medical specialities such as odontology, traumatology, dermatology, ophthalmology, sports medicine, vascular surgery and cosmetic surgery, among others. In addition, it is the first technology described in scientific literature that obtains 100% autologous plasma rich in growth factors. Endoret®(prgf®) technology is scientifically backed by both its effectiveness and its safety with the publication of over one hundred scientific articles in specialised journals and its presentation at congresses.

In addition, the company's team of researchers, formed by a large multidisciplinary group of professionals, dedicate part of their activity to its research and promotion.

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