Scientific evidences

Endoret® (PRGF®) technology could be applied in many clinical indications according to the number of scientific evidence available. Some examples are:

  • Healing of venous ulcers
  • Consolidation of bone fractures and grafts
  • Fixation of prostheses in the hip, knee, etc.
  • Oral implantology
  • Torn ligaments, muscles and tendons
  • Treatment of skin burns, injuries and lesions
  • Regeneration of aged skin
  • Regeneration of ocular tissues

Why use BTI products for the Endoret®(prgf®) technique if there are similar cheaper alternatives?


BTI's products are made with biocompatible materials, guaranteeing the biosafety of the treatment. BTI holds the certifications necessary to comply with current laws in force, avoiding possible penalties or closures of clinics. The use of BTI products guarantees that you will achieve the expected results in your treatments.

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