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01. Corporate

We are a different company, a lifestyle, a philosophy that is based on the scientific method, in which people are the beginning and the end of our exciting project. By and for them we work every day in the development of best clinical solutions in Oral Implantology and Regenerative Medicine.

BTI Dental

02. BTI Dental

BTI has a work philosophy that makes it unique in the market for oral implantology. We invite you to discover step by step the keys to our success, a full and versatile process supported by a broad range of products allows us to obtain the best results. Come and see what makes us different from other systems on the market.

03. PRGF® - Endoret®

PRGF® - ENDORET® (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) is the most advanced patented autologous  platelet-rich plasma system. It is based on the activation of the patient's own platelets for the stimulation and acceleration of tissue regeneration, applicable to different areas of medicine.

PRGF<sup>®</sup> - Endoret<sup>®</sup>

04. Training

Training has traditionally been one of the cornerstones of BTI. This has enabled the company to train thousands of professionals around the world who have passed through our classrooms over the past 20 years.


05. Research

BTI Biotechnology Institute is since its inception, a company geared to intensive research in different medical areas such as oral implantology and regenerative medicine with a translational view. We are pioneers in this area, which gives new meaning to the concept of R+D+i.


06. Patient

If you want to know what dental implants are and the benefits of the application of PRGF® - ENDORET® technology in oral implantology, visit our section dedicated to the patient, where also general information on oral health will be present and its relation to human health in particular.