CAD/CAM systems offer a number of advantages when compared to the traditional manufacturing process of an implant-supported prosthesis.

The main advantages we can point out in this new system are the following:

  • Homogeneity of materials: it permits the elaboration of prostheses with high quality materials that are not altered during their preparation process, as all the manufacturing is done through cold-forming
  • Time-saving: the CAD/CAM process means substantial time-saving if compared to the conventional method of prosthesis manufacturing, reducing the number of visits by the patient and thus optimising the time spent at the clinic
  • Minimisation of errors: by transferring a large portion of the processing of the prosthesis to the software, possible human errors that can be introduced into the manufacturing process are reduced.
  • Excellent marginal adjustment, high precision and good occlusion: the construction of this type of prosthesis requires a very high level of precision, mean¡ng that the marginal and occlusal fits are very exact, making it possible to minimise retouching once the prosthesis has been made
  • Possibility of correcting angulations: with this new system, we can allow angulations of 10-15º in the structure, which makes it possible for us to change the indications of the screw-retained prostheses. The angulation of the emergence of the screws solves the problems of divergence we sometimes have due to errors when fitting the implants or because we find patients with severe resorptions where the implant is fitted in the area with the largest volume of bone which is not the most adequate for the confection of the prosthesis.
  • Reduced laboratory costs: as the specific software takes care of many steps that would take a certain amount of time for each process at the laboratory, the work time is reduced and thus the costs.
  • Increased volume of production: the forming process makes it possible to work more effectively, making it possible to take on a larger volume of work.

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