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  • 04/06/2013

    Prosthetic Components with Ti Golden® &Ti Black® treatment

    BTI prosthetic attachments, manufactured in Ti, are evolving to guarantee the quality of the odontological work. BTI has developed two surfaces that bring significant advantages to the screws and other prosthetic attachments.

  • 01/04/2013

    Front cutting drill 3mm

    The front cutting drills are designed to achieve maximum settlement for extrashort implants and to work the cortical bone in transalveolar sinus elevations and in proximity to the dental nerve.

  • 16/07/2012

    BTI Expander and Compactor Kit

    Solve all the necesities of expansion and compaction in all kind of patients.

  • 14/11/2011

    New Torque Hex Tips

    BTI adds to its prosthetic catalog the new hexagonal torque wrench tips that allows to pair with a certain angle with respect to the screw axis.

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