Who we are

We are a different company, a way of life, an entire philosophy that is based on the scientific method and in which people are the beginning and the end of our exciting project. We work for them day by day on the development of the best clinical solutions in Oral Implantology and Regenerative Medicine.

We have been carrying out research since 1995 and since then our innovations have been many and highly relevant. Our patients are at the root of our vocation to innovation and they are the reason behind that ongoing interest. For BTI people are still the origin of science, and its raison d'être

Thanks to people like Ms Petra or Fernando we work passionately on a project in which research, knowledge and technology are transformed into instruments to support the efforts of many professionals to return to their patients the quality of life and health they need so much

Profesionales BTI

Professionals in the fields of odontology and medicine (traumatologists, ophthalmologists, sports doctors, cosmetic doctors, etc.) who accompany us along our path and trust us, are the other fundamental part that helps us to obtain and transfer the most innovative techniques in solutions for patients.

Our work philosophy is a way of life that starts with the specific needs of our patients at the clinic and returns to it with the results to have them reassessed and improved. During this process, we carry out research following a rigorous scientific method; we publish in the most relevant international scientific journals, we test, homologate, produce and commercialise all our innovations in over 30 countries. Always with a clear multidisciplinary vocation.

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