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Due to its content in bioactive proteins and growth factors involved in tissue regeneration, when Endoret® (PRGF®) is applied locally to damaged areas or those showing signs of ageing, it facilitates cell renewal and improves the general health of the skin, allowing it to be used for dermo-cosmetic purposes.

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Two formulations in one single product



PRGF Líquido

Liquid PRGF

  • As it is a liquid formulation, it facilitates infiltration into the skin.
  • It is an activated liquid formulation that after infiltration into the skin polymerizes in a Fibrin Matrix that allows the balanced and progressive release of a large number of molecules, including growth factors and other proteins
  • This formulation is used in minimally invasive treatments such as:
    • Facial rejuvenation
    • Hair growth
    • Acne




  • The plasma rich in growth factors gel with polymerised fibrin has biochemical properties similar to the membrane and clot formulations.
  • The biomechanical properties of the plasma rich in growth factors gel provide support and viscosity.
  • This innovative formulation has been developed to mitigate mild or moderate wrinkles through intradermal and subdermal infiltration.
  • The plasma rich in growth factors gel can also be used to fill atrophic scars.
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