The BTI explantation kit ensures the atraumatic extraction of implants, regardless of the system or their platform.

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Whatever the reason, the connection of the implant or its condition

Be it for biological reasons (peri-implantitis, bad choice or positioning of the implant) or mechanical reasons (fracture of the implant, fissure of the connection, broken screw within the housing of the implant), the implant explantation kit always works.

KEXIM - Extraction Kit
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The secret is in the conicities

Thanks to the system's exclusive extractors, each with a different conicity and anatomy, we cover all possibilities that may arise.


Compatible with more than 35 implant systems

The KEXIM implant extraction kit is compatible with more than 35 implant systems. In the following guide you will find the list of compatible implant systems.

Retratamientos - Guía de compatibilidades KEXIM
Atraumatic and minimally invasive

With a 200 Ncm counter-torque key, we manage to break the union between the bone and the implant, thus facilitating the extraction of the implant, detaching it from its bed.

If circumstances allow, we can even insert a new implant post-extraction because, with the BTI explantation kit, bone preservation is maximum.

Dispositivo BTI APNiA

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