PRGF – ENDORET® Technology

PRGF – ENDORET® technology has the most experience on the market in terms of the development of specific protocols for tissue regeneration, a ground-breaking technique exclusively developed by BTI Biotechnology Institute.

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Plasma taken from the blood contains a heightened concentration of platelets that cause proteins to be released, such as growth factors, improving healing and clinical treatment and thus enhancing the results of standard treatments as well as aiding in more complex conditions and interventions in different medical specialities.



Thanks to its versatility, PRGF – ENDORET® Technology allows to obtain different formulations of the product that can be adapted to different clinical uses

PRGF – ENDORET®; is a closed system, with the necessary equipment and unitary and disposable kits certified for such use that allows a rapid preparation of plasma under sterile conditions and its immediate application.

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Why use Endoret instead of other PRPs?
The Endoret system provides many advantages:
  • Autologous and rich in Growth Factors
  • Optimal concentration of Growth Factors
  • Free from leukocytes and inflammatory proteins
    • Reduces inflammation, pain, and tissue fibrosis
    • Preserves the integrity of the fibrin matrix over time
  • Controlled activation
    • Promotes the release of growth factors from platelet
    • Induces polymerisation of the fibrin matrix
  • Dual effect and bioavailability
    • Endoret PRGF works on tissues with its double action:
      Immediate, due to the effect of the growth factors at the time of application
      Prolonged over time, thanks to the fibrin matrix that acts as a reservoir for sustained release
  • Versatility
    • Makes it possible to prepare specific formulations adapted to each tissue and clinical need
  • Security and compliance guarantees
    • All necessary medical equipment and devices for Endoret closed system technology:

    • • They have CE marking for obtaining Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)

      • They comply with the most exhaustive quality controls in compliance with the current regulations (control of endotoxins and sterility, etc…)

      • They are composed of biocompatible materials , and with the safety and reliability of medical devices under a quality system of maximum guarantees.

      • They offer high protection to the patient, by meeting the sanitary requirements applicable to products for clinical use.
  • Scientific evidence
    • Technology endorsed by more than 200 indexed scientific publications
  • Training
    • Wide training offer adapted to the different medical specialties

    • Online: (BTI training centre, BTI Academy…)
      Face to face: In our training center and/or at our clients' facilities



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PRGF – ENDORET®: closed technique

On the 23rd of May, 2013, the Spanish Medicine Agency stated that plasmas rich in platelets are now medicines for human use. Since then, the use of PRPs was reliant on the health regulation with two techniques for obtaining them: the open or closed technique.

What's the difference between the closed and the open technique?

In the closed technique, the method for obtaining PRP is by means of disposable, single-use kits; the instructions given by the manufacturer of each system must be followed without it being necessary to obtain a certificate of adequacy from the facilities. In the open technique, the method for obtaining PRP should be evaluated and authorised by an inspection by the competent health regulation to verify the suitability of the facilities and the production activities.

PRGF – ENDORET® falls under the category that uses disposable kits, that is, the "closed technique". As required in AEMPS, the Endoret kit has the CE certification, issued for tissue regeneration. The kit contains all of the elements required for obtaining plasma rich in growth factors formulations, without needing to use external elements.

PRGF – ENDORET® application areas

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