The BioBlock® concept is a biomechanical concept developed by BTI, aimed at the lasting success of treatments.

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The BioBlock® concept is a biomechanical concept developed by BTI following several years of research and is aimed at the lasting success of treatments.

BioBlock® implies performing prosthetic gingival restorations using components that are biologically adapted, like the UnicCa® surface implant, the Unit® or Multi-IM® transepithelial abutments and interface, the latter with Ti-Golden® surface treatment.

Features and advantages of the BioBlock®
  1. Hermetic seal at the implant-abutment-prosthesis join, thanks to BTI's great machining precision: prevents bacterial filtering.
  2. Effective sealing of the tissues around the abutment: avoids bacteria getting in and gingival retraction.
  3. The optimum morphology of the abutment's upper connection and the fact that impressions are taken at a supragingival level: allows the prosthesis to be made with a perfect passive fit.
  4. The combination of 2 screws, with Ti-Black® treatment: enables better distribution of the stresses and reduces risk of fracture.


Transepithelial for immediately loaded single-unit prostheses

The use of intermediate abutments provides important advantages, such as a lower risk of peri-implantitis, better load distribution and greater contact with the soft tissues thanks to their physicochemical properties. Learn more about this BTI solution by downloading this free ebook.

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Square Abutments

Square Abutments: the evolution of the interfase concept in prosthodontics.

  • Maximum retention of the structure thanks to the 4-point non-rotational base.
  • Better aesthetics and vascularisation of soft tissues thanks to the bio transgingival profile.
  • Efficient sealing of the tissue around the abutment.
  • Suitable for CAD/CAM and traditional prostheses in fixed, single and multiple prostheses.

They have been designed for the production of the direct to implant single and multiple fixed prostheses, in digital and conventional laboratory processes.

Surface treatments

BTI prosthetic components and screws have surface treatments that go beyond biocompatibility.

Why Ti-Golden®?

It improves aesthetic and functional predictability by increasing tissue biocompatibility and avoiding grey areas in thin gingival biotypes.

Why Ti-Black®?

It prevents the loosening of screws and improves biomechanical behaviour, increasing the preload by treating BTI screws with tungsten carbide.

Dispositivo BTI APNiA

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