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CORE - Familia

Your simplified and cost-effective implant system

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Conical implants with a single prosthetic platform

Conical implants for controlled insertion with excellent primary stability and a standardised prosthetic platform which imply savings, simplicity and prevent prosthetic errors.

CORE - Diámetros
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CORE - Cirugía 1
Suitable for most clinical situations

The CORE range of implants is extremely versatile, covering the majority of clinical needs and those of your patients.

Narrow emergence for limited interdental spaces

Narrow prosthetic emergence to facilitate restorations in reduced interdental spaces, while still able to cope with the biomechanical demand.

CORE - Cirugía 2
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CORE - Tejido
Platform reduction for improved soft tissue

CORE implants, with reduced platforms, favour the adaptation of soft tissue in a more physiological way, allowing better vascularisation in the most critical areas.

UnicCa Surface which induces bone formation and minimises bacterial adhesion

BTI implants facilitate better and quicker osseointegration, minimising bacterial adhesion and the risk of peri-implantitis thanks to the UnicCa surface with triple roughness and calcium ions.

CORE - UnicCa
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CORE - Protocolo Quirúrgico
Simple surgical protocol which will optimise your time and make your clinic more profitable

An optimised surgical protocol and one that uses less drills, making it possible to treat more patients and subsequently reduce the dental surgery's usage time.

Advantages and benefits of working with CORE
  • One single prosthetic platform and 6 implant diameters to adapt to all of your patients' bone requirements: simplicity and savings.
  • 3.5 mm platform to better manage fine gingival biotypes: reduces tissue recession..
  • Create a narrow prosthetic emergence: facilitating restorations in limited interdental spaces.
  • Conical apex and morphology (for lengths of +6.5): facilitates insertion into any type of bone, achieving great primary stability.
  • Suitable for the treatment of post-extraction alveoli
  • Includes short implants and is the ideal solution for vertical atrophies: reduces surgical trauma and increases patient acceptance.
  • Preparation of the CORE bed. Due to the conical shape of the implant, the drilling sequence is very reduced: this implies a saving in surgical time and simpler drilling.
  • Also: it uses biological drilling, has the UnicCa® surface and maintains the Bioblock concept for a more predictable prosthetic solution.
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Catalogue Line of Implants Core

The result of latest developments, the CORE line - a set of implants, with 6 different diameters and several lengths - allows you to resolve the majority of implant treatments requested in dental clinics.

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