New CORE-X® implant

The ideal treatment for low density bone and post-extraction sockets. CORE-X® is specially designed to compact, along its insertion, the bone surrounding the coils, thus increasing their stability.

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CORE-X® is optimised to obtain good primary stability in unfavourable cases for a standard implant, such as post-extraction sockets and low density bone.

An implant that, thanks to its macro geometry, is able to increase osteo-condensation and obtain an apical anchorage, even allowing immediate loading in some clinical situations.


  1. Greater osteo-condensation capacity.
    Implant morphology designed to achieve greater osteo-condensation by means of a reduced drilling protocol.
  2. UnicCa® surface designed exclusively to create a more hydrophilic surface.
    The surface of BTI implants is characterised by a triple roughness, attenuated in the neck, moderate in the body and increased in the spires, chemically modified with calcium ions. This provides improved osseointegration of the implant and minimises bacterial adhesion.
  3. Deeper spiral for better bone penetration.
    It is designed to increase stability in low density bone.
  4. 3.5 mm platform connection, flat, 4-lobed and without edges.
    It allows for perfect stress distribution. In addition, it uses the same prosthetic components as the BTI-CORE® range, with extensively tested biomechanical behaviour.
  5. Apex with high advancement capacity and apical fixation.
    It has a high capacity for advancement and apical anchorage, providing a much more progressive insertion from the start of implant insertion in soft bone.
  6. Less invasive drilling protocol.
    Its self-tapping apex and deeper threads allow us to use a simplified drilling protocol and the use of narrower drills, generating a tighter drilling and achieving good stability in different clinical situations.

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